Fellowships and Grants Awarded


First Colin Baldwin Fellowship: Prof. Chiaki Hanabusa – £1,000 to consult copies of Dr Faustus in London and Oxford

Daniel Starza Smith – £800 towards creating a publicly accessible film of a research-based production of The Masque of Queens

Domenico Lovascio – £199.68 for scans of early editions of The Householders Philosophy



Nothing awarded



Maria Shmygol (Liverpool University) – £650 for travel relating to research on William Percy’s The Aphrodysial

Emma Whipday (UCL) – £400 for production costs relating to a research-oriented production of the English plot of Robert Yarington’s Two Lamentable Tragedies



Yasmin Arshad (UCL) – £1,000 to support a research-based production of the 1607 B-Text of Samuel Daniel’s Tragedie of Cleopatra



Cassandra Ash (Harvard) – £990 for travel to consult a non-circulating edition of Look About You

Joanne Howe (University of Bath) – £200 to collate a copy of the 1613 edition of When You See Me You Know Me



Catherine Clifford (Shakespeare Institute) – £250 for digital images for use in her doctoral thesis on performance spaces in royal palaces

Eva Griffith – £500 to support travel to the Beinecke and Folger libraries to facilitate work on the OUP edition of James Shirley’s works



Sarah Dewar-Watson – £120 to examine manuscripts of Gascoigne’s Jocasta and Lumley’s Iphigenia at Aulis held in the British Library and at Cambridge.

Alison Searle (Research Assistant on the James Shirley project) – £440 for digital
photographs of eight copies of the first edition of The Sisters



Daniel Starza Smith – £360 to support work on Donne, Jonson and the Conway papers

Matteo Pangallo – £1000 for travel relating to the planned Malone Society edition of Thomas May’s The Tragedy of Antigone



Grace Ioppolo – £525 towards work on the Malone Society edition of The Honest Man’s Fortune

Lucy Munro – £480 towards work on an edition of The Demoiselle for Richard Brome Online