Australia and New Zealand

Memberships can be bought through our online shop.

The annual membership fee for Australia and New Zealand is 55 AUD for a Standard Membership, 44 AUD for a Precarious/Contingent/Independent Scholar Membership and 27.50 AUD for a Student Membership. Please select the appropriate membership category from the drop-down menu on the product page.

There are two options for NEW MEMBERS:

(1) Membership with an additional free book (Standard and Precarious/Contingent/Independent Scholar Members) or three free books (Student Members) from the Malone Society back catalogue, on which you will only pay the postage. Postage rates will be calculated according to the country to which the book is sent. For this option, please click here. Please choose the volume(s) you wish to receive from the Publication List available on our Bookshop page and enter the details in the ‘New Members Book Requests’ box on the Checkout page.

(2) Membership without a free book, with no postage costs. For this option, please click here.

To RENEW your standard annual membership for another year please click here. Please enter your membership number, if known, in the ‘Membership Renewals’ box on the Checkout page.

The Officer for Australia and New Zealand is Dr David McInnis at the University of Melbourne. Please contact Dr McInnis at if you have questions about becoming a member, or, if you are already a member, for any queries relating to your membership benefits. The Society’s administration is handled by Redit Publishing. For administrative queries, or to notify us of a change of address, please contact them at: