Guidelines for Editors

The Society’s publications comprise either photofacsimiles of printed texts, or diplomatic transcriptions of manuscript plays and other documents, relating to the drama in England before 1642. Introductions should focus on factual and bibliographical aspects of the text. Recent volumes will give some indication of our ‘house style’.

Guidelines for New Editors
Proposals for new volumes should be sent in the first instance to the Co-ordinating Editor, Dr Eleanor Collins, at These should include an explanation of the significance of the work(s) involved, the proposed copy-text or MS where there is more than one possibility, with an explanation of the reasons behind the choice, and the contribution the proposed edition will make to the field. Knowledge of relevant previous work by other scholars will be expected. A sample of edited text or introduction may be submitted if available.

A brief curriculum vitae is requested from prospective editors who have not previously had volumes published by the Society.

The proposal will be discussed at the next meeting of the Society’s Council. These are held in February, June and October of each year; a proposal should be submitted about one month ahead of the meeting at which it would be on the agenda. If Council feels the proposal should be taken further, Dr Collins will invite a sample of work if one has not already been sent.

Once accepted, the volume will be assigned to a general editor from the editorial committee of Council, who will guide it through to publication following an agreed schedule. Editors will be asked to sign an agreement with the Society; a copy of this may be found elsewhere on our website.

Our publications list is currently full until 2026, but it does sometimes happen that circumstances change and a volume may be brought forward if it is at a sufficiently advanced stage of production.

Finally, please note that, while we welcome proposals from doctoral candidates, no volume based on a doctoral thesis will be accepted by Council until the award of the degree is confirmed.

Guidance on Style for Editors
A detailed guide for the style and format of your Malone Society edition can be found here.