Book Orders and New Memberships Suspended

The Coronavirus outbreak in the UK means that we are currently unable to access our stock until at least 1 June. We have therefore closed our online shop. Any orders that were received in the week commencing 23 March will be sent out as soon as we are able to do so. You can still renew your membership, but we will not take any new memberships until we are able to process and send out your free books.

1 thought on “Book Orders and New Memberships Suspended”

  1. I wish good health and safety to all our fellow members and their families. We will recall that numerous times during the historical period in which we are interested, the plague swept though the British Isles and Europe, wreaking havoc and misery. But after each time, the populations recovered and authors went on to create wondrous works. May it be so again. Best wishes to all from Huntington, NY, USA, Jacob Salomon


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