The Raging Turk and the Courageous Turk


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Get two plays for the price of one in this volume! In The Raging Turk the sons and brother of Bajazeth vie for their place to succeed him as Emperor, sparking a series of bloody events in which Bajazeth wages war, orders the murders of his sons and brother, and stabs his army chief with his own hands. In the final scenes Bajazeth is poisoned, but will his chosen son emerge victorious or will another seize power and become Emperor?

In The Courageous Turk love and war collide as Amurath falls in love with and subsequently marries a Greek concubine, thus halting the progress of his conquest of Europe. Amurath struggles with the limitations his martial responsibilities place on his love life, but eventually decides to continue his quest, beheading his new wife. He travels through Europe, crushing the Christian armies who try to resist him, and everything seems to be going his way until he comes face-to-face with the last Christian survivor, the general Cobelitz…


The Society’s edition, prepared by David Carnegie, is a type-facsimile of the Quartos of the plays printed for Richard Meighen in 1631 and 1632. The edition of The Courageous Turk collates the text with the known manuscript exemplars and includes photographs of the author, Thomas Goffe’s hand, and of the first section of the surviving actor’s part for the role of Amurath, the eponymous courageous Turk.

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