The Tragedy of Mariam


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Mariam thinks that her husband Herod is dead. But she’s not too upset as he murdered her grandfather and brother. When Herod actually turns up alive, Salome, Mariam’s sister-in-law from hell, accuses her of infidelity. Will Herod believe his sister and will he be a just ruler upon his return?

The Society’s edition, prepared by A.C. Dunstan and first issued in 1914, is a type-facsimile of the Quarto of 1613, the only early edition. Our current reprint of the book incorporates a 1992 supplement by Marta Straznicky and Richard Rowland, updating the original introduction.

For more on The Tragedy of Mariam, click here to read Elizabeth Schafer’s defence of the too-often-marginalized play, published June 2013 in Times Higher Education.

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