Book of the Month: The Fair Maid of the Exchange

The Book of the Month for September 2012 is The Fair Maid of the Exchange. If you’re a member of the Malone Society, take advantage of the great deal and buy a copy of The Fair Maid today for only £5.00 plus postage! (the regular price is £15)


Ferdinand, Anthony, and Frank all love Phyllis, but she only has eyes for the Cripple of Fenchurch. Her father, Flower, lends money to Bobbington and accepts a stolen diamond ring as security. Meanwhile, Mall Berry fends off unwanted attention from Bowdler, who tries to impress her by quoting Shakespeare.

The Society’s edition reproduces the 1607 printing in type-facsimile.  This was the play’s first and only substantive edition, and includes a doubling plan for eleven actors which is viable only for a group reading, not for a fully staged production.  It was one of the first plays to be licensed for the press by Sir George Buc, the future Master of the Revels.

To get your copy of the book of the month, download the Book of the Month order form for September and post it together with payment to: The Shakespeare Institute, Mason Croft, Church Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6HP, UK

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