Praise for The Humorous Magistrate

The 2011 Malone Society Reprints, which all our members received for free in 2012, afford the welcome opportunity to compare two manuscript versions of a fascinating play.

Praise for The Humorous Magistrate (Osborne) edited by Jacqueline Jenkins and Mary Polito and The Humorous Magistrate (Arbury) edited by Margaret Jane Kidnie:


“Malone conventions capture various aspects of the manuscript with great accuracy”

“The welcome chance to look at the play in two distinct forms adds many more questions to our understanding of play manuscripts, provincial literary and dramatic culture, and play transmission on the eve of the closing of the theatres.”

Emma Smith, Times Literary Supplement, 19 April 2013.

Both Malone Society editions of The Humorous Magistrate are available from Manchester University Press.

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