Fellowships and Grants Awarded


Third Colin Baldwin Fellowship: Tracey Hill – £1000 to work on the Records of Early English Drama Civic London project.

Heidi Craig – £1000 to spend one month at the Bodleian Library working on her project on paratexts in English drama.


Nothing awarded.


Second Colin Baldwin Fellowship: C.E. McGee – £387 to work on dramatic records at Chatsworth (including, but not limited to, those relating to the 1617 Brougham Castle entertainment) for the Records of Early English Drama North East project. For an account of Professor McGee’s work on our blog click here.


First Colin Baldwin Fellowship: Chiaki Hanabusa – £1,000 to consult copies of Dr Faustus in London and Oxford

Daniel Starza Smith – £800 towards creating a publicly accessible film of a research-based production of The Masque of Queens. For an account of this event on our blog click here.

Domenico Lovascio – £199.68 for scans of early editions of The Householders Philosophy


Nothing awarded


Maria Shmygol (Liverpool University) – £650 for travel relating to research on William Percy’s The Aphrodysial. For an account of Dr Smygol’s work click here.

Emma Whipday (UCL) – £400 for production costs relating to a research-oriented production of the English plot of Robert Yarington’s Two Lamentable Tragedies. For an account of the event click here.


Yasmin Arshad (UCL) – £1,000 to support a research-based production of the 1607 B-Text of Samuel Daniel’s Tragedie of Cleopatra. For an account of the event click here.


Cassandra Ash (Harvard) – £990 for travel to consult a non-circulating edition of Look About You

Joanne Howe (University of Bath) – £200 to collate a copy of the 1613 edition of When You See Me You Know Me


Catherine Clifford (Shakespeare Institute) – £250 for digital images for use in her doctoral thesis on performance spaces in royal palaces

Eva Griffith – £500 to support travel to the Beinecke and Folger libraries to facilitate work on the OUP edition of James Shirley’s works


Sarah Dewar-Watson – £120 to examine manuscripts of Gascoigne’s Jocasta and Lumley’s Iphigenia at Aulis held in the British Library and at Cambridge.

Alison Searle (Research Assistant on the James Shirley project) – £440 for digital
photographs of eight copies of the first edition of The Sisters


Daniel Starza Smith – £360 to support work on Donne, Jonson and the Conway papers

Matteo Pangallo – £1000 for travel relating to the planned Malone Society edition of Thomas May’s The Tragedy of Antigone


Grace Ioppolo – £525 towards work on the Malone Society edition of The Honest Man’s Fortune

Lucy Munro – £480 towards work on an edition of The Demoiselle for Richard Brome Online