Fellowships and Research Grants

The Society invites applications from scholars engaged in research relating to its stated objectives for awards to be made in February 2022. The Society hopes to make major awards up to a total in any one year of £1,000 and minor awards up to the same total, both for immediate research needs, such as for microfilms or travelling expenses, and for longer-term support, for example to assist with prolonged visits to libraries and archives. The Society is willing to entertain applications for grants in cases in where theatrical practice might directly inform editorial work or other projects which the Society supports. The Society may be willing to consider applications for grants for the keyboarding of dramatic texts and records. Candidates for grants can apply in every year that the scheme operates whether they have been successful in previous applications or not.

The Society is unable to make grants in relation to: work of a purely (literary) critical or theoretical kind; attending conferences, workshops etc; secretarial, copy-editing, proof-reading, or administrative costs; costs arising directly from the preparation of a thesis; publications costs, other than those resulting from the preparation of editions for publication by the Society.

Applicants may be of any age or nationality and need not be members of the Malone Society. All applicants are advised that any supporting material which they may choose to submit will not be returned.

For a list of previous awards, please click here.


Major grants, of a total sum of up to £1,000, will be awarded annually and until further notice. The recipient(s) of major grants shall be called the Malone Society Fellow(s). An exceptionally strong proposal may also be considered for the Colin Baldwin Fellowship, which is awarded on an occasional basis in memory of the Society’s long-serving Production Manager.  The deadline for applications, which should be on the form provided below and supported by two referees, who should be asked to write directly to the Chairman of the Fellowships and Bursaries Sub-Committee at the address at the foot of the application form, is 31 October 2021. Successful applicants will be notified after the meeting of the Society’s Council in February 2022.

Successful applicants will be asked to report briefly on the progress of their project and the use to which the Society’s grant has been put by December of the year in which the grant is made. They should, if possible, submit receipts for major items of expenditure.

Research Grants

Further funds of a total sum of up to £1,000 will be available annually and until further notice to provide small grants of £50 to £200 for specific purposes such as travel expenses or the cost of microfilming. Applications for such grants may be submitted on the form provided by 31 October 2021, and should be supported by one referee and a statement that funds are not available from other sources. If the applicant is registered for a research degree the application should be accompanied by a letter of support from their academic supervisor.

How To Apply

Download the application form here:

Grants and Fellowships Form (.doc format: downloads automatically)