A Yorkshire Tragedy


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Based on the contemporary murder case of Walter Calverley, A Yorkshire Tragedy features a family on the edge: a battered wife, two dead children, and a drunken husband with a very bad temper.

The Malone Society’s edition, prepared by S.D. Feldman and G.R. Proudfoot, is a type-facsimile reproduction of the 1608 Quarto printed by Richard Bradock for Thomas Pavier. It is the last of a series of four Quartos printed during the first decade of the seventeenth century whose title pages attribute the play, either directly or by insinuating initials, to Shakespeare. The play is now generally attributed to Thomas Middleton. The Calverley story was also dramatised by George Wilkins in The Miseries of Enforced Marriage, also available from the Malone Society.

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