Collections, Volume 1, Part 4


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The final parts of the Society’s first collections volume, including:

`Notes on the Societyʼs Publications′, 285-95.
C. Crawford, `Bodenhamʼs Belvedere, Quotations from The Virtuous Octavia and A Knack to Know an Honest Man′, 296-306.
W.W. Greg, ed., `The Hunting of Cupid, A Lost Play by George Peele′, 307-14.
`The Cruel Debtor, A Fragment of a Morality Printed by Colwell c.1566′, 315-23.
W.W. Greg, `Notes on Dramatic Bibliographers′, 324-40.
E.K. Chambers, `A Jotting by John Aubrey′, 341-7.
E.K. Chambers `Two Early Player-Lists′, 348-56.
E.K. Chambers, `Commissions for the Chapel′, 357-63.
E.K. Chambers `Plays of the Kingʼs Men in 1641′, 364-9.
E.K. Chambers and W.W. Greg, eds., `Dramatic Records from the Privy Council Register, 1603-1642′, 370-95.
`Index to Collections Iʼ, 397-404.

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