Collections, Volume 2, Part 3



The third part of the Society’s second collections volume, including:

W.W. Greg, `The Manuscript of Sir Thomas Moreʼ, 233-4.
`Additional Notes on Dramatic Bibliographersʼ, 235-8.
W.W.Greg, ed., `Processus Satanaeʼ, 239-50.
`Somebody and Othersʼ, 251-7.
V.B. Redstone and E.K.Chambers, eds., `Players at Ipswichʼ, 258-84.
E.K. Chambers, ed., `Dramatic Records of the City of London: The Repertories, Journals, and Letter Booksʼ, 285-320.
`Dramatic Records: The Lord Chamberlainʼs Officeʼ, 321-416.
`Index to Collections II.ii & iiiʼ, 417-38.

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