Common Conditions


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Sedmond and his sister Clarisia are advised by the vice Conditions to flee the court, as the King seeks their death after banishing their father Galiarbus from Arabia. But the siblings become separated in the woods after they are attacked and robbed by tinkers. Sedmond becomes a wandering knight called Sir Nomides who is unwillingly pursued by Sabia, and Clarisia falls in love with the knight Lamphedon. Soon, however, the lovers are torn apart by a band of pirates led by Conditions who throw Lamphedon overboard. Will the family ever be reunited, will Clarisia find her true love, or will Conditions destroy them all?

The Society’s edition, prepared by Roberta Barker, reproduces the only surviving complete copy of the Quarto, now owned by the Elizabethan Club, Yale University. (The Huntington copy available on Early English Books Online lacks the first and last quires.)

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