Collections, Volume 4


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The Society’s fourth collections volume, including:

F.P. Wilson, `The Malone Society, The First Fifty Years: 1906-56′, 1-16.
`Publications of the Malone Society, 1907-56′, 17-25.
W.W. Greg, `Fragments from Hensloweʼs Diaryʼ, 27-32.
W.W. Greg, ed., `Old Christmas or Good Order, A Fragment of a Morality Printed by W. Rastell in 1533′, 33-9.
`The Four Cardinal Virtues, A Fragment of a Morality printed by W. Middleton between 1541 and 1547′, 41-54. F.P. Wilson, ed., `More Records from the Remembrancia of the City of Londonʼ, 55-65.
`Rules for the Guidance of Editors of the Societyʼs Reprintsʼ 66-9.
`Corrigendaʼ to King Leir, etc., 70.
`Indexʼ, 71-75.

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