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Every five years Lincolnshire holds a Virgin Beauty Contest. But the winning prize leaves a little to be desired – being offered as a sacrifice to Agar the sea monster to appease Neptune… Fearing for their good-looking daughters, the fathers of Galatea and Phillida pack their girls off to the woods disguised as boys. There the two girls meet, and, each thinking that the other is a boy, fall in love. Meanwhile, Cupid makes mischief among Diana’s nymphs and three shipwrecked brothers try their hand at singing. The village attempts to sacrifice the third prettiest virgin, but apparently this sea monster’s a tough judge! Will the village be saved and will the girls find true love? You don’t want to miss this cross-dressing comedy!

The Society’s edition, prepared by Leah Scragg, is a photofacsimile reproduction of the British Library copy of the Quarto of 1592 (STC 17080), printed by John Charlewood for Joan Broome; it also includes facsimile pages from the 1632 Duodecimo edition of Lyly’s Six Court Comedies (STC 17088), the first to include the text of the play’s songs.

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