Collections, Volume 9



The ninth of the Society’s collections volumes, including:

A.D. Mills, `A Corpus Christi Play and other Dramatic Activities in Sixteenth-century Sherborne, Dorsetʼ, 1-15.
J.C. Coldewey, `Playing Companies at Aldeburgh 1566-1635′, 16-23.
J.M. Nosworthy, ed., `An Elizabethan Jig from the National Library of Walesʼ, 24-29.
J.L.Murphy, ed., `A Seventeenth-century Play from the Essex Record Officeʼ, 30-51.
G.R. Proudfoot, ed., `Five Dramatic Fragments from the Folger Shakespeare Library and the Henry E.Huntington Libraryʼ, 52-75.

Marvel at the costs and variety of items involved in mounting the Corpus Christi play, and a range of other dramatic entertainments, in sixteenth-century Sherborne (Dorset)!

Contrast the paucity of twenty-first-century theatrical companies touring the provinces with the number of prestigious troupes visiting Aldeburgh (or being paid not to visit Aldeburgh) from 1566 to 1635!

Re-live the delights of an Elizabethan jig!

Laugh at the activities of the citizens of John Tatham’s (?) seventeenth-century comedy!

Join the hunt for the authors of five fragmentary ‘waifs and strays’ of the Elizabethan-Jacobean stage, including the opening lines of ‘A stately Tragedy contayninge the ambitious life and death of the great Cham’, and part of a masque possibly performed by a juvenile troupe in the 1620s as part of the Christmas festivities in the house of Lord Grey.

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