The Faithful Friends


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Tullius and Marius go to war against the rebelling Sabines. Lelia is in love with Marius and follows him disguised as Janus, Philadelpha’s page. In Tullius’ absence, the King attempts to woo his wife, Philadelpha, via the pander Rufinus. Meanwhile, four roisterers are enlisted into the army after an affray at an alehouse.

This Roman tragicomedy was attributed to Beaumont and Fletcher by Humphrey Moseley when he entered it in the Stationers’ Register on 9 June 1660. The Society’s edition, prepared by G.M. Pinciss and G.R. Proudfoot, is a diplomatic transcript of the surviving MS (Victoria and Albert Museum, MS Dyce 10), apparently a mongrel text containing several different layers of transmission. An attempt has been made to prepare the play for the stage, and some of the changes seem to have been made in anticipation of censorship. The play contains a verbal imitation of a passage from Marlowe’s Edward II, updated to a more recent political context.

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