The Tide Tarrieth No Man


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This volume is a photographic facsimile from the copy of the play by George Wapull in the Harry Ransom Centre, edited by Peter Happé. It was originally printed in 1576 by Hugh Jackson, and the Ransom Centre copy is one of only five extant. The introduction discusses the place of this play in Jackson’s output, including two other interludes printed by him shortly afterwards. Besides compositorial practice and some irregularities, it addresses the identity of the author, historical detail about the surviving copies, and the editorial contribution of John Payne Collier. The text is rich in stage directions and aspects of performance are discussed including the doubling scheme for four players and the active role of the Vice. The play was written at a time when interludes designed for small acting troupes were popular and exhibited remarkable theatrical expertise. The intellectual context is considered, and in particular the place of this play among the considerable number of surviving interludes from London which focus upon wealth and its abuses and other matters of economic importance at the time.

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