Book of the Month: Captain Thomas Stukeley

The Book of the Month for October 2014 is Captain Thomas Stukeley. If you’re a member of the Malone Society, take advantage of this great deal and buy a copy today for only £5.00 plus £3 postage! (The regular price is £15).

Captain Thomas Stukeley

October’s Book of the Month takes us from London to Africa as we follow the exploits of its eponymous protagonist. Thomas Stukeley’s father comes to visit him in London, only to find his son neglecting his legal career and living beyond his means. Only three days after marrying Nell Curtis and paying off his creditors with his father-in-law’s money, Thomas decides to leave the law behind to seek honour on the battlefield. We follow him to Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and Africa in his quest, but will his conscience get the better of him in his work for the double-dealing King Philip of Spain? For which side will he choose to fight? Will Captain Thomas Stukeley make it out of Africa alive?


The Society’s edition is a type-facsimile of Thomas Pavier’s Quarto of 1605, printed by William Jaggard. The volume is of especial textual interest in that it contains two versions of the same scene, one in standard English and the other in Irish dialect.

This offer has now expired; to buy the book please go to our online shop.

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