Book of the Month: Collections IX

The Book of the Month for December 2014 is Collections IX. If you’re a member of the Malone Society, take advantage of this great deal and buy a copy today for only £5.00 plus £3 postage! (The regular price is £15).

Collections IX

The ultimate bargain! Five fascinating items, offering a range of insights into early modern theatrical practice for just £1.00 each!

Marvel at the costs and variety of items involved in mounting the Corpus Christi play, and a range of other dramatic entertainments, in sixteenth-century Sherborne (Dorset)!

Contrast the paucity of twenty-first-century theatrical companies touring the provinces with the number of prestigious troupes visiting Aldeburgh (or being paid not to visit Aldeburgh) from 1566 to 1635!

Re-live the delights of an Elizabethan jig!

Laugh at the activities of the citizens of John Tatham’s (?) seventeenth-century comedy!

Join the hunt for the authors of five fragmentary ‘waifs and strays’ of the Elizabethan-Jacobean stage, including the opening lines of ‘A stately Tragedy contayninge the ambitious life and death of the great Cham’, and part of a masque possibly performed by a juvenile troupe in the 1620s as part of the Christmas festivities in the house of Lord Grey.


 The items included in the volume are from manuscript sources in a range of institutions, including the National Library of Wales, the Essex Record Office, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and the Huntington Library. They were edited by A.D. Mills, J.C. Coldewey, J.M. Nosworthy, J.L. Murphy and G.R. Proudfoot.

This offer has now expired; to buy the book please go to our online shop.

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