Book of the Month: Hengist

The Book of the Month for June, 2012 is Hengist, King of Kent. If you’re a member of the Malone Society, take advantage of the great deal and buy a copy of Hengist today for only £5.00 plus postage! (the regular price is £15)

Thomas Middleton’s Hengist, King of Kent

The ambitious Vortigern will stop at nothing for the crown. But the Saxon Hengist outsmarts him with an ox-hide and becomes King of Kent. Eventually the rightful heir Aurelius reassumes control and gives Hengist the option of execution, exile, or conversion. Which will he choose?
Meanwhile a gang of rogues pose as travelling players and convince a Puritan that he actually likes plays.

The Malone edition is a transcription of the Portland Manuscript held in the University of Nottingham Library (MS Pw.v.20), a presentation copy probably transcribed in the 1640s from a playhouse manuscript, which preserves an earlier version of the text than the Quarto of 1662.


This offer has now expired; to order the book at the regular price please visit our online shop.

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