Book of the Month: The Shepherds’ Paradise

The Book of the Month for June 2014 is The Shepherds’ Paradise. If you’re a member of the Malone Society, take advantage of this great deal and buy a copy today for only £5.00 plus postage! (The regular price is £15).

The Shepherds’ Paradise

Prince Basilino is betrothed to Saphira, the Princess of Navarre, whom he has never met; but he has fallen in love with Fidamira, not knowing that she in turn is in love with Agenor. Basilino leaves the kingdom in order to forget Fidamira, and heads for the Shepherds’ Paradise of Galicia, a haven of chastity. But love, it seems, is inescapable even in this chaste land, and out of the ensuing confusion emerges the future of a dynasty…


The society’s edition is a transcript of the Tixall MS (Folger, MS V b 203), which represents a version of this very long play which has been abridged for court performance.  It is the only version of the text to feature the induction and interludes.

This offer has now expired; to buy the book please go to our online shop.

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