Collections, Volume 15



The fifteenth of the Society’s collection volumes, including:

N. Bawcutt, ‘Ralph Craneʼs Transcript of A Game at Chess, Bodleian MS Malone 25. 1-93. Selected Pages from British Library MSS at Lansdowne 690′, 97- 111.
D. Carnegie, ‘The Part of Poore’, 112- 169.
J. R. Elliott, Jr. ‘Musical and Dramatic Documents from the Middle Temple’, 172-194.
C.E. McGee, ‘Fireworks for Queen Elizabeth’, 199-205

Elliott’s contribution illuminates the financing and production of George Chapman’s The Memorable Masque, performed on 15 February 1613, by gentlemen of the Middle Temple and Lincoln’s Inn, as part of the celebrations of the royal wedding of Lady Elizabeth and the Elector Palatine. The volume also includes transcripts of papers related to James Shirley’s The Triumph of Peace, Ralph Crane’s transcript of the abridged version of Middleton’s A Game at Chess, the part of ‘Poore’ from the anonymous and otherwise lost Play of Poore, staged at Christ Church, Oxford, in the late 1610s, and Sir Henry Killigrew’s proposal, which probably dates from the 1560s, for a fireworks display for Queen Elizabeth.

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