Collecting the major works of Sir E.K. Chambers

This guest post comes from Charles Littrell, who has put together some top tips for collecting the major works of Sir E.K. Chambers… Sir Edmund Kerchever Chambers (1866—1954) was the first president of the Malone Society, serving from 1909 to 1939. He was a prime example of those late Victorian gentlemen who productively channelled their … Read more

Book of the Month: Titus Andronicus

Regular price reduced from £15.00 to only £5.00 plus postage. Orders may be placed throughout entire calendar month. Available to Society members only. AUGUST: William Shakespeare Titus Andronicus Rape, mutilation, insanity, cannibalism, and revenge – find out who gets the last laugh! __________ The Society’s edition reproduces the unique Folger copy of the play’s first quarto. __________ This offer … Read more

Book of the Month: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Malone Society Book Of The Month Regular price reduced from £15.00 to only £5.00 plus postage. Available to Society members only. JUNE:  William Shakespeare 
A Midsummer Night’s Dream __________ The Society’s edition is a photofacsimile reproduction of the Henry E. Huntington Library’s copy of the First Quarto of 1600 (STC 22302), which was printed, from Shakespeare’s … Read more